charloft 100 drabbles - 85. Musketeer

Darius glanced up as he felt the presence start to wash over him. Moving to the door, he stepped out into the sunlight and shaded his eyes with one hand as he glanced towards the street.

A unit of Musketeers walked by, a sight that was not very common in this part of the city. As he watched, one of the young men turned to look at him. Darius smiled softly and inclined his head slightly in greeting, one Immortal to another. After a moment, the young man did the same.

He had the feeling they would meet again someday.

charloft 100 drabbles - 88. Two of Wands *Flashback - A.D. 409*

Darius looked out over the ruined city. Every breath he took here, every moment he stayed, was like a sword in his gut. Rome had always been Alaric’s vision, never his own. He was never meant for such a soft life as this one.

No, his place lay in the north, where men were hard and knew what it meant to survive anything that was thrown at them. There he could build the kind of kingdom that would be held in fear and awe, and would stretch from the mountains to the sea.

It was time to meet his destiny.

charloft 100 drabbles - 90. Under the Robe


"Aw, come on! It’s not like I’m asking to actually see or anything. I just want to know!"

"There is no need for you to know such a thing, Aidan. It has absolutely no bearing on anything."

"I'm curious!"

"You do realize what that did to the cat, correct?"

"Yeah, but I've got a hell of a lot more lives, so I'm willing to take that risk."

"You are incorrigible."

"I hear that a lot. So, does that mean you'll tell me what you wear under those robes?"


"Damn it. Oh well, there's always next year."

Darius sighed.

charloft 100 drabbles - 44. Weed

Darius smiled as he watched over the youngsters. Occasionally he would step in, lending a bit of advice here and there, but for the most part he simply let them put what they had learned to the test.

These chess lessons were one of the highlights of his week. It not only gave him the chance to share a game he loved, but it also gave him the opportunity to get the local teens into an environment where they could learn and develop skills.

Instead of growing wild in the streets, they could blossom and flourish into beautiful young adults.

charloft 100 drabbles - 34. War

Darius glanced up at the first crack of thunder. Brushing his hands off, he got to his feet, even as the daylight seemed to fade around him. As he headed towards the safety of the church, the wind picked up and the first drops of rain started to fall. He quickened his pace, having no desire to be caught in such weather.

As he opened the door, he saw lightning streak through the sky. However he knew that this time it was nothing more than a summer storm, and not a sign of a war that never seemed to end.

charloft 100 drabbles - 23. Garden

There were things that Darius loved about each of the different seasons of the year, however summer had always been the one he most enjoyed. The reason for this was simple. His garden.

It was relaxing and gave him a certain comfort. He was quite fond of spending the early mornings tending to the herbs and vegetables. It was peaceful and quiet before the heat of the day took hold. Mostly though, he enjoyed that he was nurturing not just the plants, but also those in his flock.

After all, sharing the fruits of his labor was the best part.

chalroft 100 drabbles - 17. Barefoot

Darius glanced around the courtyard and found it to be empty. That wasn’t really surprising given the heat of the day. Most everyone had taken shelter inside homes or businesses, where it was relatively cool. He would be doing the same, if not for this small indulgence.

After glancing around once more just to make sure he was alone, he finally sat down on the edge of the short wall and proceeded to remove his sandals. Then he let out a soft sigh of contentment as he let his feet soak for a few moments in the church’s small fountain.

charloft 100 drabbles - 62. City

Based on this image

A lone figure paused as he shaded his eyes from the burning sun. In the distance, he could see the outline of what appeared to be a great metropolis. However looks were often deceiving.

It had indeed been a thriving city, once upon a time. Now there was nothing left but the skeletal remains of a once great civilization. Like so many others before, it had crumbled to dust under the weight of man’s ambitions.

The old priest gazed for several moments at what had been lost, and then slowly moved on towards a new future still to be found.

charloft 100 drabbles - 35. Sandals

There was a particular sound that anyone who spent time at the church soon came to recognize. It was the soft slapping of sandals against stone. Normally the sound was something that many would find annoying in the outside world. However, inside the gates it became muted and somehow soothing.

Of course everyone also recognized that it was not really the sound itself that soothed him or her, but rather the priest who always wore the sandals, even in the depths of winter. The soft sound merely told them that he would soon be there to guide them, as always.

charloft - Drabble about faith.

Darius was often asked about the differences between faith and belief. Many, even within the church, tended to use the words interchangeably. However he thought they were in fact quite different.

Belief was something that was learned. It was based on knowledge gained through experience, logic, facts, or knowing something was possible. Beliefs could change as information was obtained that altered what was already known.

However faith was something that came not from the head, but from the heart. There was no proof of anything. There was only a feeling to the depths of the soul that it was true.

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